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Pink box / Edible Arrangements

Pink box / Edible Arrangements

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 Discover elegance and decadence in our luxurious round box arrangement featuring a delectable assortment of chocolate-dipped strawberries, sumptuous macarons, and vibrant roses and raspberries. Perfect for any occasion, from celebrations to heartfelt gestures, this exquisite ensemble is sure to impress and delight. Indulge in a sensory experience that combines decadent flavors and stunning aesthetics, creating unforgettable moments of joy and appreciation. Treat yourself or a loved one to this exquisite display of gourmet delights that will elevate any moment into a truly special and memorable experience.

Small Box:12- 15 chocolate dipped strawberries,1 macaroon, flowers and berries.

Medium Box: 20-25 chocolate dipped strawberries,3 macaroons, flowers and berries.

Large Box: 30-35 chocolate dipped strawberries, 5 macarons, flowers and berries.

X-L Box: 40-45 chocolate dipped strawberries, 8 macarons,flowers and berries.

Do you want to add a personalized big balloon for this box? We recommend the 20" hot air balloon for our round boxes.

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